Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Budget

In October 2020, the Civilian Oversight Commission created the Budget Ad Hoc Committee to evaluate the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s (LASD) annual budget prioritization process. The Committee's role is to monitor LASD budget operations, gather information, conduct analysis, and make recommendations for Commission consideration.  If recommendations are adopted by the Commission, they are submitted to LASD, the Chief Executive Office (CEO) and the Board of Supervisors (BOS), when appropriate. Recommendations are based on the review of LASD’s historical budget submissions and spending, collaboration between LASD and the CEO, stakeholder feedback, public comment at Commission Meetings, and examining LASD’s annual budget proposals. The Committee intends to review LASD priority requests each fiscal year.

LASD Budget for FY 2022-2023

The Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission is asking for public comment through this survey on Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department’s (LASD) Budget Priorities and Unmet Needs for Fiscal Year 2022-2023. The deadline to submit comments is March 25, 2022. All public comments will be reviewed by the Commission's Budget Ad Hoc Committee and shared with the full Commission, LASD, CEO and BOS throughout the budget prioritization process. 

  1. Consent Decree Compliance – Additional Personnel
  2. Custody – Conversion of Overtime to Positions
  3. Additional Academy Classes
  4. Restore Appropriation Transferred to Provisional Financing Uses (PFU)
  5. Ongoing Structural Deficit in Employee Benefits
  6. Re-establishment of Essential Personnel
  7. Unfunded Leaves of Absence Vacancy Overtime
  8. Backfill Overtime behind Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Mandated Training
  9. Youth Activity League (YAL) Programs
  10. Homeless Outreach Service Team (HOST) Expansion
  11. Mental Evaluation Team (MET) Expansion
  12. Marijuana Enforcement Program Expansion
LASD Unmet Needs FY 2022-23:
  1. Homicide Gang Task Force (HGTF)
  2. TASER Replacement
  3. Station Custody Assistants
  4. Public Records Act Additional Staffing
  5. Computer Aided Dispatch Replacement Project
  6. Mobile Radio Replacement (Year 1 of 2)
  7. Custody CCTV/ Network Refresh
  8. Network Infrastructure Replacement (Year 1 of 5)
  9. Superdome Replacement
  10. Facilities – Custody Maintenance, Replacement, and Emergency Repairs
  11. Advocacy Unit – Civil Service Representative
  12. Trial Court Funding Shortfall
  13. Custody – Overtime Delta
  14. Additional Overtime - COLA Increase
  15. AB109 – MET Delta
  16. DHS-ICHS Service Level Expansion
  17. Urgent Care Clinic
  18. Inmate Welfare Fund Revenue Loss Backfill

Virtual Conference

L.A. County Sheriff’s Department Budget: Priorities & Unmet Needs

The virtual conference, hosted by the COC on March 24, 2022, brought together County leaders, law enforcement professionals, community partners, academics, and members of the public to discuss the County's budget process and LASD’s budget priorities and unmet needs for Fiscal Year 2022-2023.

L.A. County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission Chair and Loyola Law School Center for Juvenile Law & Policy Executive Director Sean Kennedy provided the opening remarks, and the event was moderated by Civilian Oversight Commissioner James P. Harris. Speakers included L.A. County Chief Executive Office Senior Manager Sheila Williams, who explained the County’s Budget Cycle. Next, LASD Administration Services Bureau Division Director Conrad Meredith discussed LASD’s budget challenges and opportunities, and Dignity and Power Now’s Policy and Advocacy Director Ivette Alé highlighted AB 109, LASD public relations and electronic monitoring expansionView the Webex recording.

Commission Budget Priority Recommendations for FY2021-2022

The Budget Ad Hoc Committee reviewed the LASD FY21-22 Budget Priority Requests and then sent a memo recommending support for specific budget priorities to the Commission. As a result, the Commission sent this letter of Budget Priority Recommendations to the CEO and this letter to the BOS. The Commission’s support of specific budget priorities does not imply support of non-referenced priorities or an increase in the department’s total budget. Amongst the items submitted in LASD’s FY 2021-22 Recommended Budget Request Priorities, the Commission supports funding for the listed items in the following priority order:

  1. Body Worn Cameras (LASD Priority #3)
  2. Mental Evaluation Team (MET) Restoration (LASD Priority #7)
  3. Integrated Co-Response & Crisis Intervention Bureau (LASD Priority #8)
  4. Veterans Mental Evaluation Team (MET) Expansion (LASD Priority #9)

On October 5, 2021, the BOS approved the Supplemental Budget Recommendations Final Changes for FY 2021-22. Among many budget highlights, those directly related to the Commission's recommendations include: 

  • Body-Worn Camera (BWC) Project — Adds $9 million to LASD, partially offset with $1.0 million of funding previously set aside in the Provisional Financing Uses budget unit, for the completion of the BWC project roll-out
  • Veterans Mental Evaluation Team — Adds $2 million and 6 positions to LASD to expand the Mental Evaluation Teams to provide services to veterans

Budget Resources and Information


Board of Supervisors

  • Public Hearings - During the County’s Budget Process, Los Angeles County residents and stakeholders are encouraged to provide public comment at the Board of Supervisors Public Hearings for the budget held every May. You can view the Board Agendas here.

Chief Executive Office

  • CEO Budget - You can view the current Fiscal Year’s Budget Recommendations at the top of this page. For previous years, scroll to the “Budget Archives” section and select the Fiscal Year you would like to review. See Final Budget and Budget Recommendation documents such as "Final Budget Book" and "Recommended Budget documents" for each year. The documents will contain specific pages for each department. For ease of access, press “ctrl+f” to search the document for "Sheriff’s Department" for information on the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.
  • County’s Budget Process Map


LASD Budget Responses

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