Corrective Action

Corrective Action: Learning from our Mistakes

On Thursday, October 28, 2021, the Commission hosted a virtual conference for the community to learn how Los Angeles County monitors its Departments’ operations, investigates each incident to determine the root cause, and develops recommendations to prevent similar events from recurring. In this conference, panel speakers explained the accountability measures to monitor, correct and prevent failures to conform to departmental policies.

Los Angeles County Civilian Oversight Commission Chair & Loyola Law School Professor Priscilla Ocen provided the opening remarks, and the event was moderated by Civilian Oversight Commissioner James P. Harris. Speakers included Destiny Castro, Chief Executive Office Risk Management Branch Inspector General; Sgt. Melynie Rivers, LASD Risk Management Bureau; Max Huntsman, Los Angeles County Inspector General; and Eric Miller, Loyola Law School Professor. Play the video below or view the Webex recording.