Deputy Gangs

Deputy Gangs

The Commission recognizes the existence of deputy gangs and cliques in the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and acknowledges it is a significant problem that requires a proactive and multifaceted response. At the October 2018 Commission meeting, an Ad Hoc Committee was created to address the issue of secret deputy subgroups. 

On March 3, 2023, the Commission held a special hearing to discuss the highly anticipated report on deputy gangs. The report, written by special counsel, Bert Deixler, provides a history of deputy gangs in the Sheriff's Department and identifies the gangs currently in the Department. The report also lists the obstacles to eliminating deputy gangs and confirms that eliminating gangs is constitutionally permissible. Finally, the report makes a total of 27 recommendations for the Sheriff to adopt.

News Release: Civilian Oversight Panel Adopts Recommendations to Eradicate Deputy Gangs

Commission's Motion: To Adopt Special Counsel's Report and Recommendations to Eradicate Deputy Gangs

Board of Supervisor's Motion: Support for the Commission’s Recommendations to Eradicate Deputy Gangs